Having small group discussions can help us to go deeper into our weekly message. Gather with your family or some friends and see why our weekly message matters in your faith growth and fellowship with others! You can follow this format or simply answer some of the questions with your friends or family, for dinner conversation etc…and jumpstart sharing your faith together!

Staying Power: Week 3, Share Your Faith

You can read or listen to our weekly message here, https://saintmary.life/homilies/

1 Thessalonians 1:5c-10

Bottom Line: 

Sharing your faith helps you grow spiritually. It does this in 3 distinct ways.  First, it helps you grow in love of God. Secondly, sharing your faith helps you grow in love of your neighbor. And, finally, sharing your faith grows your gratitude and enthusiasm for what God has done for you.. 

Prayer –

Open the group with prayer.

Opening Question:

What is the biggest obstacle that keeps you from sharing your faith with others? 


Read aloud from Thessalonians. Then read aloud two more times. Ask the group what words or phrases jump out at them and why?


  1. Do you agree that sharing your faith, will grow your faith? Why or why not?
  2. Who are the people that God has placed into your life, so that they may be brought into a relationship with God?
  3. Why is the Gospel good news and worth sharing?
  4. Have you ever had the experience of leading someone to faith or seeing someone far from God to know God? What happened in that experience?


 Identify friends, family members and co-workers who are not connected to Christ and his Church. That’s easy, because they’re all around you. But it means you have to be on the lookout for them.  Invest in them in whatever way is available and  appropriate. Invest first of all and most of all through prayer. Be someone who is open and available to them, easy to talk to, generous and kind. Then, when appropriate, invite them to church! Sooner or later circumstances or conditions, events or issues, will make an invitation to church appropriate and welcome.