Importance for our Church:

Since 1981 St. Mary Parish has been giving all parishioners the privilege to have the Our Lady of Fatima statue to visit their homes.  Most people are unable to make a pilgrimage to Fatima, Portugal, the place where Mary appeared to three children and gave her formula for peace and for the conversion of Russia.  Instead of making the pilgrimage, the Pilgrim Virgin Statue can be brought to your house.  This pastoral activity has been a source of blessings and spiritual growth for our parish members.

Ministry Participation:

This devotion involves the statue residing in different homes on a weekly basis.  Each Saturday a special ceremony is conducted as the statue is transferred from one home to another.  The family hosting the statue during a given week recites the Rosary each day at a fixed time.  Family, neighbors and fellow parishioners can be invited to join the hosting family.

Benefit for the Volunteer:

This devotion is offered for world peace, conversions, and vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  For families, this offers a wonderful time for praying together as a family.

For more information contact please call the parish office 850-243-3742