May 31, 2020

Pentecost Sunday Children’s Liturgy of the Word


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Dear God, we give you all glory and praise. Thank you for sending down your Holy Spirit to be with us always. We ask that you help quiet our minds and bodies, and open our ears as we listen to Your Word. Amen


Words are powerful. Words can be truthful or untruthful. Words can give life, build others up, encourage others; or words can tear people down and hurt them. Our words have the power to stop evil and unkindness and our words have the power to change someone’s day. I hope you remembered last week to encourage someone else – if not, you can still do that this week!

In this week’s Bible story the disciples are hanging out together in a house in a town called Jerusalem when a noise came from the sky like a strong wind and filled the whole house. That wind was the Holy Spirit – the spirit that Jesus promised His disciples would always be with them, even after he was gone. When the disciples received the Holy Spirit, they began speaking in different languages and the people of Jerusalem heard them and were amazed. You see, the disciples weren’t able to tell everyone about Jesus because they didn’t speak the languages of every person. But on this day, called Pentecost, the people were able to understand the disciples. 

Words have power – it’s so important to try to understand what someone else is saying. And to do that, we have to be good listeners. Using our words and listening to someone else’s words sounds opposite. But we have to listen before we speak so that we understand others. Using our words for good means that we are also good listeners. This Week, practice being a good listener by letting your friends talk first at the lunch table. Or Try letting your sibling tell about his or her day first at the dinner table. Once we listen well and understand others, then we’ll know exactly what words would encourage them best.

*These readings are from the Lectionary for Masses with Children, which is approved for use in the Dioceses of the United States of America by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and confirmed by the Apostolic See.

Mass Readings


(Please be seated. Feel free to allow a child to stand and read this aloud to the family.)

Say: A reading from the book of the Acts of the Apostles.

On the day of Pentecost all the Lord’s followers were together in one place. Suddenly there was a noise from heaven like the sound of a mighty wind! It filled the house where they were meeting.

Then they saw what looked like fiery tongues moving in all directions, and a tongue came and settled on each person there. The Holy Spirit took control of everyone, and they began speaking whatever languages the Spirit let them speak.

Many religious Jews from every country in the world were living in Jerusalem. And when they heard this noise, a crowd gathered. But they were surprised, because they were hearing everything in their own languages.

They were excited and amazed, and said: 
“Don’t all these who are speaking come from Galilee? Then why do we each hear them speaking our very own languages? Some of us are from Parthia, Media, and Elam. Others are from Mesopotamia, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontus, Asia, Phrygia, Pamphylia, Egypt, parts of Libya near Cyrene, Rome, Crete, and Arabia. Some of us were born Jews, and others of us have chosen to be Jews. Yet we all hear them using our own languages to tell the wonderful things God has done.”

The word of the Lord.
R. Thanks be to God.


(Please remain seated. Feel free to allow a child to stand and pray this aloud to the family.)

R. Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.

I praise you, LORD God, with all my heart.
You are glorious and majesty.
Our LORD, by your wisdom you made so many things; the whole earth is covered with your living creatures.

R.  Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.
You created all of them by your Spirit, and you give new life to the earth.
Our LORD, we pray that your glory will last forever and that you will be pleased with what you have done.

R.  Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.


**There is no Second Reading in the Children’s Lectionary. This reading is taken from the USCCB website. Please remain seated. Feel free to allow a child to stand and pray this aloud to the family.)

Say: A reading from the letter of Paul to the Corinthians.

Brothers and sisters:

There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but they all come from the same Spirit. There are different ways to serve the same Lord, and we can each do different things. Yet the same God works in all of us and helps us in everything we do. The Spirit has given each of us a special way of serving others.

The body of Christ has many different parts, just as any other body does. Some of us are Jews, and others are Gentiles. Some of us are slaves, and others are free. But God’s Spirit baptized each of us and made us part of the body of Christ. Now we each drink from that same Spirit.

The word of the Lord. R. Thanks be to God.


(Please stand. An adult should read the Gospel.)

A reading from the holy gospel according to John. 
All respond: Glory to you, O Lord.(Make small crosses on forehead, lips, & heart while saying “Glory to you, O Lord.”)

The disciples were afraid of the Jewish leaders, and on the evening of that same Sunday they locked themselves in a room. Suddenly, Jesus appeared in the middle of the group. He greeted them and showed them his hands and his side. When the disciples saw the Lord, they became very happy. After Jesus had greeted them again, he said, “I am sending you, just as the Father has sent me.” Then he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, they will be forgiven. But if you don’t forgive their sins, they will not be forgiven.”

The gospel of the Lord. R. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. The gifts of the Holy Spirit were given to all of us at Baptism. Like the Apostles, how can we use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with the world? (Hint: the gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of God. Read more about these gifts on Catholic Answers website.)
  2. The Apostles showed that they were good listeners when Jesus came to them in the upper room. What is a good listener? What does good listening look and sound like?
  3. Which of these tips can you use this week to help you be a good listener: Clear your mind, Use facial expressions, Give eye contact, Ask open ended questions, Check for understanding, Don’t interrupt, Do you take time to listen to God speak to you in prayer?
  4. How can you be a better listener when you pray?


Pray these words along with the video below!

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.


Holy Spirit Balloon

This is a fun object lesson to show children that life with the Holy Spirit helps us to be “filled.” As St. John Paul II said: “It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness; He is waiting for you when nothing else you find satisfies you.” The Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to fill us with the abundant life! To satisfy our every need and desire.
Activity instructions: Give each child a balloon to blow up but do not tie it. When all balloons are blown up to a big size, tell the children this is like being filled with the Holy Spirit–full of life! 
Then tell the children to let go of their balloons. What happened? (Allow answers, then share: They flew uncontrollably, made noise, and then became LIMP, which is like people NOT being filled with the Holy Spirit!)
Let them enjoy playing with the balloons and then end with a little prayer thanking Jesus for giving us the gift of the Holy Spirit to fill our minds, bodies and souls with abundant life in God.

Happy Pentecost Sunday! Thank you for joining me in Children’s Liturgy of the Word. I pray we will see you in the fall!!

With Jesus and Mary,
Laura Gulig