Join us in 3 Conversations!

Making disciples revolves around three conversations which help disciples make other disciples.  The first conversation is asking others to engage in intentional prayer. The second conversation is sharing faith journeys.  The third conversation is sharing how your life is is a ministry!

Please check back this weekend 10/31/20-11/01/20 for next opportunity to join a 3C group!

To review our 3 Conversations you can visit our Homilies webpage where you can access our homily blog or podcast! For help to get your conversations going see prompts below.

3 Conversations Prompts

  1. Intentional prayer:
    1. Ask where do you struggle with prayer…(with who, for, what, etc)
    2. Share what you need prayer for first: be personal, vulnerable, and real.
    3. Ask each person how we can pray for them.
    4. Leaders pray over each person’s intentions.
  2. Share your story:
    1. Tell us a little bit about how you came to know Jesus personally.
    2. If you’re stuck on (a) ask something like: Were there times where you thought God was active in your life, and can you tell us a little about that? 
    3. Share where you are now in your journey.
    4. Where do you hope to go on your journey?
  3. How is your life a ministry:
    1. Do you struggle seeing your life as a ministry?
    2. Share how what you do in your life brings others close to Christ or how it could bring others close to Christ.
    3.  Tell us a little bit about how you answered the call to serve Christ where you are. This could be any role in life, if doing it in such a way that gives witness to being a Christian.