Parish Finance Council

French Brown

Barbara Bowers

Don Harrington

Kathi Heapy

Edward Burns

Mr. French Brown would be happy to respond to any questions concerning our parish finances.

Parish Leadership Team

Parishes are the most important organizations in the world.  If this is true, and we are convinced that it is, then the leadership of the pastor is critical.  He is the spiritual leader and executive authority of a parish.  But he cannot run a parish alone, or in a hub and spoke manner that forces him to be responsible for most decisions. Great pastors surround themselves with a team of leaders who share the responsibility of leading the parish, and we call that team the Parish Leadership Team.

A parish leadership team exists to assist the pastor in managing the parish.  This involves everything from strategic decisions and people management to operations and finances. It’s important to understand that the leadership team is NOT an advisory or oversight body, like the parish council or the finance council. The leadership team is an operating body, which means that each team member is actively involved in implementing the decisions of the team.  It’s crucial that the leadership team of a parish meets weekly to look at the overall health of the parish.  It’s also important for members of the leadership team to understand that being on the leadership team is NOT a reward or a privilege, but rather a serious responsibility.  The pastor chooses his team, and he is the leader of the team. 

Our Saint Mary Parish Leadership Team members are:

Pastor – Fr. Doug Halsema,

Parochial Vicar – Fr. Doug Martin

Director of Operations – Tony Ferreira

Director of Facilities – Ryan Thompson

Director of Parish Ministries – Julie Anne Walker

The Four Qualities of a Parish Leadership Team Member

Committed and Present:

A committed parishioner (staff or volunteer) who is present at the parish during the week and available for weekly meetings.

Team Player:

A committed parishioner who is capable of being vulnerable, engaging in productive conflict, holding people accountable and being held accountable by the team. 

Whole-Parish Oriented: 

A committed parishioner who is focused on the collective results of the parish more than their individual area of concern. 


A committed parishioner who is mature, humble, prayerful, trustworthy and able to handle sensitive and confidential information.

5 Misconceptions of a Parish Leadership Team

Pat Lencioni