Holy Moments are the profoundly simple and astonishingly practical way to collaborate with God, moment by moment, for the rest of your life.  Why do you crave more? Because God made you for more. In fact, he’s given you a spiritual superpower: the ability to collaborate with him right where you are.  Master your power to create Holy Moments and you will discover the life of extraordinary meaning and divine purpose God made you for!

What are Holy Moments?

Holy moments make you capable of incredible things simply by opening yourself to God, setting aside self-interest, making yourself available to Him, and doing what you prayerfully believe God is calling you to do at that moment.

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An Invitation

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Share your Holy Moments with us!

“While approaching the checkout at a local CVS, a man was attempting to use the self-checkout for his few items and was quite frustrated and somewhat vocal. The clerk said she would “check me out” and then help him. She had not begun to check out my purchases, so I stepped back and insisted that the clerk help the gentleman first. His demeanor changed immediately and he thanked me several times. I said I hoped the rest of his day was better. My day certainly got better!”


“I was caring for a terminally ill woman in her home. She was a devout Buddhist. She was unable to speak, but she could get out of bed with assistance. This kind woman was in great duress. We shared a passion for great music- and I would stream songs that we both enjoyed. I spoke softly with her about the wonderful things she had done throughout her life. She tearfully smiled at me. Then I told her how much God loved her. I played the song, “I Surrender” by Hillsong United. When the song finished, she indicated to me that she wanted to get up from the bed. As I helped her to a standing position, she fell into my arms, embracing me in a most loving way, crying and smiling as I held her. She died the following week, surrounded by her family.”


“I very often lose patience with my sister because we are very different. But I do love her very much and want her to be happy. She loves early day trips so yesterday I picked her up and we went to a small town called Africatown in Alabama. We visited the historical places, had lunch together, and went back using the back roads that she loves so much. I think that we had a series of holy moments and tried to please each other and enjoy the time together. Two sisters, no one else, for a day.”


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