Experience a more peaceful, more joyful, and more meaningful Advent than ever before

What does God want this Advent? Simple. He wants you. He want a personal encounter with you. This year, as we journey through Advent with Rejoice! Finding Your Place in the Advent Story, we’ll learn about the places, people, and events that shaped the story of the very first Advent and shape our own lives today.

Together with the guided meditation videos, this journal will help you to see the how the people, places, and events of the first Advent affected Jesus’s story. You will take time to look at the people, places, and events in your own life, to see how the Lord is shaping your story, today.

Rejoice! will help you open your heart to the peace and joy of the Advent season as you prepare for the coming of Jesus this Christmas. We look forward to journeying with you during these 4 weeks!