Having small group discussions can help us to go deeper into our weekly message. Gather with your family or some friends and see why our weekly message matters in your faith growth and fellowship with others! You can follow this format or simply answer some of the questions on your car ride home, at brunch or for dinner conversation, and jumpstart sharing your faith together!

Week 2: Home Alone, Be Reconciled to Others

Matthew 5:17-37

Bottom line: Our loneliness is a reminder of our human condition – that we have work to do to restore harmony in our  relationships.

Prayer – Open the group with prayer.

Opening Questions

Share a story of a time that you were alienated from a friend or family member. What was the cause of the broken relationship? 

How did you feel about the alienation. What types of revenge are you tempted to take when you’ve been wronged – silent treatment, passive aggressive behavior, or something else?


Read aloud from the Gospel of Matthew. Then read aloud two more times. Ask the group what words or         phrases jump out at them and why?

Questions: Reflection questions on today’s message (https://saintmary.life/homilies/)

Share a story of a time you were reconciled with a friend or family member after the relationship had been broken. Was there an apology? Did the reconciliation take awhile?

How are you the peacemaker in your relationship? How often are you the enabler or the doormat in your relationships?

What do you think about the idea presented by Jesus in Matthew 5 about how we should return evil with goodness? Have you been able to do that in the past? How might you do that now regarding a broken relationship?


Conversation can change your mind and change your heart. Conversation that leads to conversion.