Having small group discussions can help us to go deeper into our weekly message. Gather with your family or some friends and see why our weekly message matters in your faith growth and fellowship with others! You can follow this format or simply answer some of the questions on your car ride home, at brunch or for dinner conversation, and jumpstart sharing your faith together!

Week 5: When God Doesn’t Make Sense: Roll Away the Stone

John 11:1-45

Bottom line: 

To be an effective follower of Christ, you’ve got to be about rolling away the stone. In one way or another you’ve got to be rolling away the stone that stands in the way of what he wants to do. He asks you to remove the obstacle and barrier that keeps you from coming to know him. We do the possible and Jesus does the impossible. 

Prayer – Open the group with prayer.

Opening Question

Can you think of some examples in your life when you “rolled away the stone”? What impact did it make in your life and the lives of others?


Read aloud from the Gospel of John. Then read aloud two more times. Ask the group what words or phrases jump out at them and why?

Questions: Reflection questions on today’s message (https://saintmary.life/homilies/)

Can you think of times in your life when you didn’t “roll away the stone”?

Before this time of crisis, did you serve in a ministry? If so, what impact have you seen it have? If not, what prevents or keeps you from serving? What other ways can you serve from home?


Consistently, Jesus would do what he could do only after his followers did what they could do. That’s why he tells them: “Roll away the stone.”  Roll away the stone of whatever is keeping you from living a life of service.  Make a difference in people’s lives, be part of something bigger than yourself and join the movement!  Roll back the stone with us and lets figure out amazing ways to do that in this time of uncertainty and fear.