Message Matters

Having small group discussions can help us to go deeper into our weekly message. Gather with your family or some friends and see why our weekly message matters in your faith growth and fellowship with others! You can follow this format or simply answer some of the questions on your car ride home, at brunch or for dinner conversation, and jumpstart sharing your faith together!

Week 3 Baggage, Receiving Forgiveness

Scripture: John 1:29-34

Bottom line: Jesus is the “lamb of God” sacrificed for us.

Prayer – Open the group with prayer.

Opening Questions

1. On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you believe that God has forgiven you?

2. Why do you think we tend to make excuses rather than simply ask for forgiveness?


Read aloud from the Gospel of John. Then read aloud two more times. Ask the group what words or phrases jump out at them?


1. Why is it important to believe that God has forgiven us a much larger debt than we have to forgive others?

2. What verses of Scriptures, songs, movies, etc. reinforce your belief that Jesus died to forgive your sins?

3. God sees the ugliness of our sins and accepts us anyway. What does this say about God’s love for us?

4. How would you tell someone how to receive God’s forgivenes


The process of forgiveness begins with understanding that we have been forgiven by God. To become people who forgive others, we accept that forgiveness and then allow the truth of it to permeate our minds and penetrate our hearts, and direct our attitude toward others, especially those who owe us. John the Baptist sees Jesus coming. He recognizes him as the long awaited Messiah. He could have called him by many different titles but the one he chooses is “the lamb of God”, who is sacrificed for our sins.