Below are the video links and handouts that need to be completed.  The lesson is to be done with a parent, not just the teen doing it solo. The parents are the primary and first educators of the faith to their children. Please assist your teen in getting caught up.  Start with Step 1 working your way to Step 6.  Please complete the videos and turn in the filled in handouts ASAP. 

STEP 1:  

Please Watch this video first:

Step 2:

Use the Handout below, fill in the questions when the video pauses.  The video will pause 3 times.  After the teen fills out an answer to the question, have conversation about each question. 

STEP 3:   

Watch a short video from Catholic Central on the Bible: 

 STEP 4:  

Complete the activity sheet below

STEP 5: 

Email pictures of your completed handouts to   (Please write our name on your handouts so I know who it is from)